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Samsung AU7700 4K TV: thin edges, connectivity and high price

by Janes

To succeed TU7000 in 2021, Samsung put the AU7700 on the market. The affordable model of the Crystal UHD line comes with the proposal to be the gateway for those who want to explore 4K resolution without spending too much. Following the AU8000, the entry TV bets on a look with thin edges, comes equipped with the Crystal 4K processor and brings recyclable plastic remote control. With regard to sizes, it parts from 43, but can reach 75 inches.

The version analyzed by Tecnoblog has 55 inches and was launched with a suggested price of R $ 4.799, but it is already possible to find it in retail for up to R $ 3.400. Is it worth giving the AU7700 a chance? I have been using the Samsung product for a few days now and share our experience of use in this review.


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The AU7700 was provided by Samsung on loan and will be returned to the company after testing. For more information, visit tecnoblog.net/etica.

After suffering from the installation of the TCL P615, the last TV I tested, dealing with the AU7700 went beyond positive. I know that most people install TV only once, but facilitating this process should be standard on all brands and models. This time, I didn’t need screws or tools, because all you need to do is fit your feet and put the equipment on the furniture.

The version we tested weighs 14.2 kg, that is, a little lighter than the AU8000, also 55 inches, which is 15 kg. Even so, I confess that it was a somewhat difficult task to take out the AU7700 and put the screen in the rack without someone else’s help. But that’s just a detail; the fact that I don’t need any key for the installation has already made me very happy. Thank you, Samsung!

Many may not agree with me, but I will be conservative and say that the look of the AU7700 pleases me more than that of the AU8000 with its “flattened” feet; in my view, strangers. Compared to the TU7000, there were no profound changes and it keeps the hat holder with simple plastic and slightly thin edges. What still makes it attractive are the flattened corners that, at the same time, did not leave the TV thick, on the contrary. In addition, the bottom has a metallic footprint that contributes to the premium look, but make no mistake; everything there is plastic.

Access to connections is more complicated because the ports are very close and I had difficulty moving in the region and connecting the cables. Back there Samsung offers three HDMI ports, only a USB, a TV antenna input, an optical audio output and an Ethernet port that is isolated. Still in connectivity, the TV already has support for 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. Both technologies worked very well in my tests.

In turn, the remote control is no surprise. It is the same as the other TVs of the brand and it pleases me for the compact format with few buttons. In addition to traditional ones, you’ll find shortcuts to trigger the virtual assistant and three streaming assistants: Netflix, Prime Video and Globoplay. It is made of recycled plastic, but unfortunately it depends on batteries and cannot be powered by sunlight.

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