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Folding inside, S21 out: would you like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip2 if that were the case?

by Janes

Samsung is a reference regarding folding smartphones, and has all the interest to continue in the path already traced to expand the catchment area of what is currently still a niche: according to the latest rumors it will not yet be time to expand the catalog with new models, and therefore certainly there is only that soon we will know Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2 – in fact it seems that it can be called Z Flip3 , with a leap that the Korean giant would make to align the naming of its two products and not generate confusion, making one look unduly older than the other.

Beyond the technical characteristics, foldables are more than ever a category that intrigues for design, with form factors and new solutions that separate them from the now rather uniform horizon of traditional smartphones. From South Korea today comes a concept that imagines what the next generation of Samsung’s shell folding could look like, and does so in a convincing and credible way.

The device you see above in fact mixes the already known lines of the current Galaxy Z Flip with those seen on the new flagships of the Galaxy S21 series: the result has succeeded, with the photo module with beveled corners that encloses two sensors and harmoniously joins with the edge. Alongside it should return the small service display that allows you to take a quick look at the time and notifications without necessarily having to open the device. Also interesting are the proposed colors, in line with the two-tone trend recently inaugurated by the Korean giant: the Phantom Violet and Phantom Silver that have accompanied the S21 since its launch are back, the Phantom Gray is much closer to a black, and a hypothetical Phantom Green is also added (it was also talked about about the S21).

Although it is a well-packaged work, it should still be remembered that at the moment there is nothing official: but would you like Z Flip2 (or 3, we will see) if it were so? However, we will definitely be returning to talk about Samsung’s new foldings soon as the launch is scheduled for this summer, and in particular rumors indicate July as a launch window.

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