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Arrive on Discovery+ “PS Burn this letter Please”, the docufilm on the drag community of New …

by Vitor

The documentary film that won the Tribeca Film Festival, PS Burn this Letter Please, an unpublished and profound story by the New York drag community arrives on discovery+.

We thought we’d do it for ourselves. We had no idea to do it for the next generation.”so Miss Rita George, one of the protagonists of the docu-film comments on her way of life in the 50s. A phrase that contains many variables and many meanings for today as for yesterday.

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The project starts with the discovery in an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles of a box that brings to light a series of correspondences of a forgotten era: the drag underground scene in New York of the 1950s. Directors Michael Seilgman and Jennifer Tiexiera have been giving life to the docu-film P.S. Burn this Letter Please exclusively in Italy from March 26 on Discovery+. Thanks to their insights they reveal a hidden world at a time when being gay was taboo and performing in disguise was a potentially dangerous vocation. A docu-film, which according to Hollywood Reporter” emphasized the most fascinating aspects of new York’s drag scene” and helped break down certain barriers thanks to the challenges that were fought at that time.

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Thanks to Miss Rita George, Daphne, Josephine, Di Laroux and all the individuals who lived that period, LGBTQ stories were disseminated and preserved with the aim of educating and empowering LGBTQ youth, helping at-risk young people who are still searching for their identity and all those who strive every day to lead a more integrated life.

A drag queen arrives at Bake Off Italia, Peperita: “I want to show the whole of Italy how beautiful the rainbow flag is” (VIDEO)

Super 8 footage, stock images and interviews with female performers of the time tell the most intimate stories of the drag community of those years, a community that the US government tried to destroy and history tried to erase. P.S. BURN THIS LETTER PLEASE is a moving story of friendship and perseverance formed by people who have overcome insurmountable risks to pursue their passions. Who kept this private archive of letters? Who is the mysterious recipient? The true identity of the mysterious Rhine will come out and it will be completely unexpected for everyone.

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