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Arisa and Andrea broke up because of an interview made by Mara Venier at the…

by Julia

A few months after the wedding, scheduled for September 2, Arisa was left by her manager and future husband Andrea Di Carlo.

Via social media it was the now ex-boyfriend who confirmed the breakup with a post on Instagram:“Love is for the brave and I am. When you love, you leave free those who are not able to make commitments. I’m going to step in and close. #nessumatrimonio.” The singer’s response was not long in coming.

“FAULT” OF AN INTERVIEW WITH VENIER Andrea and Arisa had formalized the relationship only a few weeks ago and shortly after the wedding proposal had also arrived. The couple burned the stages and it was mainly the manager who got burned.

Andrea Di Carlo springs in Arisa trunk, that’s why they broke up

Di Carlo’s anger was sparked by Arisa’s interview with Mara Venier during the last episode of “Domenica In”, when the singer talked about her private but never mentioning her boyfriend. That took this reluctance as a kind of shame to present their report in public.


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If someone had asked me, what makes you happy now? I would have replied: she, instead of fragrant sheets”,she writes bitterly. “I also believe in God, but there is also self-determination in life that is the one that makes us make conscious choices and that makes dreams plans”.

Andrea decided to take back the ring because he is not sure of Arisa’s love. In his opinion, in fact, the companion would not treat him as a boyfriend: ” You have to distance yourself from those who make you look like anunnamed hologram, I am not Mina, my name is Andrea”.

Arisa’s sexy calendar could arrive in 2021: “The body represents a person’s identity”

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