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Review Realme GT and GT Master Edition: lots of power and little appeal

by Janes

The Realme GT Master Edition is the most complete mobile phone launched by Realme in 2021 in Brazil. In other markets the company still sells a superior variant, the Realme GT, which has not yet been made official in our country. The two models have very distinctive design, but bring three cameras with the main 64 megapixel, super AMOLED screen with rate of 120 Hz and are ready to be connected to the 5G network.

On the hardware, the Realme GT has the top of the line Snapdragon 888, while the Master Edition received the Snapdragon 778G, both from Qualcomm. But what is the proposal of these devices? Is it worth acquiring the GT if it arrives in Brazil? I tested both models and answer these and other questions in this double review.

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The Realme GT Master Edition was provided by Realme on loan and will be returned to the company after testing. The GT was provided by donation and will not be returned to the company. For more information, visit tecnoblog.net/etica.

Starting with design, you can see that there are significant changes from one to another. This is even more evident when touching the two devices, as each one adopts a type of finish. The Realme GT has more invoked design that lives up to the name. The yellow part at the back, very flashy, has a texture reminiscent of leather and the black belt is plastic; it is a visual language that feels luxurious and something fast. Weighing 186 grams, the GT has a good ergonomics and fits well by hand, thanks to the thin sides.

The intermediate brother, GT Master Edition, is the opposite, but retains some premium features. Rather, it is important to say that, although Realme Brasil presents the ME as “flagship that fits in the pocket”, it is not top of the line but intermediate-premium. Now speaking of design itself, the company whimsical in the finish: the device gained a matte plastic back that changes color, between blue and orange, according to light.

In terms of comfort, the Master Edition is slightly lighter, recording 174 grams. In view of this, I felt a better grip and was able to hold the smartphone well compared to the powerful brother. Both bring USB-C connection and headphone jack. Just missed, even, the IP certification against water and dust, which we found in other competitors.

On the front they share the same screen: the Realme GT and GT Master Edition have 6.43-inch super AMOLED panel with 120 Hz refresh rate. We are talking about an excellent configuration and the front use is also generous, since there is no notch to house sensors and the selfie camera; the edges of the two present there are thin.

Realme also made a good choice in the panel and, I confess that I expected this quality, given that even the LCD of the Chinese conquered the Tecnoblog in past tests. Side by side, I realized that the GT has a slightly stronger brightness and, in fact, the flagship can reach 1,200 nits and the Master Edition, 1,000 nits. A lot of things caught my attention on these screens: in addition to the intense luminosity, the setting is impeccable, the colors are vibrant (the blue is really intense, as well as green and red), and the black is deep.

When we get to the audio, the two smartphones have loud sound, but the GT comes out by having stereo speaker, delivering a more immersive experience in movies, music and games, although it’s still shrill at high volumes. Anyway, it is worth remembering that the 3.5 mm input

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