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Review Google Wifi: the mesh router that caught the tram walking

by Janes

Google Wifi arrived late in Brazil, but arrived. Google’s mesh router is controlled by the Google Home app, promises to be the “Wi-Fi that works” and brings internet to the entire home.

In a market dominated by manufacturers like TP-Link, D-Link and carrier modems, can Google’s product stand out? You will find out the answer in the next few moments.

Ethics Notice
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Design and doors
Google Wifi is marketed in two versions: individual and a kit with three units. Tecnoblog received the unitary version, but the manufacturer sent another piece so we could test the connection and experience of the mesh network.

If you’re concerned about design, Google Wifi seems to be a good choice. It is a white flat cylinder, which is very discreet, does not have that “face” router and can stay in the rack of your room without disturbing the decoration. It is quite small, even compared to other mesh equipment.

A tear divides the product in half on the front, and there is the LED indicator – which can turn on, turn off and control the intensity by the app. At the top is just the Google logo in low relief. At the bottom is a WAN port (to connect to the carrier modem), a LAN (for a computer or other wired device) and the input to the power source – which is not USB-C in this case, unlike some models marketed abroad.

Also at the bottom is the tag with configuration information, including a QR Code to use with the Google Home app. It looks like a physical reset button was missing, but it’s actually there, hidden under a circle drawn on the label.

Installing mesh routers is usually much friendlier than traditional routers, and with Google WiFi is no different. You’ll need to download the Google Home app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), sign in with your Google account, and tap the Set Up Wi-Fi option.

Manual with instructions for setting up Google Wifi (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)
From there it is necessary to read the QR Code which is located at the bottom of Google Wifi. During the localization process you can assign the equipment to a specific room of the house, as well create the name and password of the wireless network.

In my case, the identification of the internet access pattern was done automatically, without setting broadband parameters. You can enter static IP addresses or configure pppoe access if necessary.

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