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Andrea Di Carlo springs in Arisa trunk, that’s why they broke up

by Gabriela

Andrea Di Carlo and Arisa broke up.

The two burned all the stages and, after a few months of engagement they were already talking about marriage and instead, between the singer and the manager, it’s all over!

Arisa, shows her breasts on Social Media, then deletes the photos: “Do you like it?”

“If someone had asked me : what makes you happy now? I would have replied: you, instead of scented sheets. Yes, I also believe in God, but there is also self-determination in life that is the one that makes us make conscious choices and that makes dreams plans. You have to distance yourself from those who make you look like an unnamed hologram, I am not Mina, my name is Andrea. Love is for the brave and I am, and when you love you leave free those who are not able to make commitments. I pass and close, no marriage. The end”, concludes Andrea Di Carlo’s long post.

Sanremo 2021, here is the beautiful “Could have Done More” by Arisa (VIDEO)


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No one is infallible – especially in the preestruction,” Arisa comments on her Instagram profile.

Arisa gets married: it’s official!

“IT’S OVER.” AFTER ONLY SIX MONTHS… – “Between me and Arisa is over”: it is the sensational revelation that Andrea Di Carlo, who has been engaged to the singer for six months, makes to the weekly Oggi. “I am disappointed and mortified,” says Di Carlo, television author and manager of artists (including Arisa herself). ‘I’ve done so much for her, I’ve always supported her in every way, but I don’t feel recognized by her as a boyfriend.’

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