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It is officially war between Maria De Filippi and Barbara D’Urso: Fascino denuncia Delle Piane…

by Gabriela

It is officially a war between Maria De Filippi and Barbara D’Urso.

Maurizio Costanzo’s wife did not like the statements of Pietro Delle Piane, boyfriend of Antonella Elia,on Temptation Island. The actor assured Live-Non è d’Urso that he had acted a script in the program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia and produced by Fascino, Maria’s company.

Barbarella tried to dissociate himself from Peter’s statements, but that was not enough. De Filippi, through the Tempation Island Instagram account, has issued a statement announcing legal action against the guest of d’Urso. “It’s a show, it’s not life. There I played a role”,peter said live. The company’s response is ready: “Charm strongly disputes the veracity of this serious outing that calls into question the authenticity of the Temptation Island program. Fascino therefore informs that it has mandated its lawyers in order to protect the image and the good name of the company itself. The Fascino company declares its regret at having to mandate its lawyers against Mr. Pietro Delle Piane but considers it necessary todefend its work and in the sacrosanct respect for the large public that follows the program”.

In the fascino communiqué we read in conclusion an arrow to Barbara d’Urso:“It remains the amazement to see for the umpteenth time all this within Mediaset programs with otherwise belated clarifications arrived only after learning of the imminent complaint”. During the interview with Pietro Delle Piane – back in the arms of Antonella Elia after a period of separation – d’Urso simply said after the actor’s shock statement: “Let’s go on thank you”.

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Once back in the studio, however, the Mediaset host found herself having to read a precise statement:First Pietro Delle Piane claimed to have played a role on Tempation Island. If it takes responsibility for this, we obviously distance ourselves from it because no one has to play a role in the programme… Because it’s not scripted. But we know that, because I tried, as soon as I heard the word Temptation Island, to say, ‘Let’s not talk about this broadcast because I would never afford it.’ And so Pietro Delle Piane takes responsibility for it.”

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After the interview with Live-Non è la d’Urso Pietro Delle Piane wanted to clarify through some Instagram stories: “I acted in the sense that I did it to make Antonella jealous. I was referring to the moment I brought girls into the room without cameras.  It was all a way to make her jealous. And then I wanted to say in my own words that you can’t judge a person by what you see on tv.”

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