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YouTube has started showing a new layout to some users

by Janes

YouTube is releasing a new layout for some users on its web version. Over the past few days (and hours), people on X/Twitter and Reddit have been posting that the platform’s interface has been updated in the browser. The new layout, which uses elements from the YouTube app for smart TVs, moves the description and comments to the right side, pushing suggestions to the bottom.

For some users, the new layout is not pleasing. On the YouTube subreddit, people are sharing ways to revert the interface back to its previous look — which even somewhat resembles the layout of real-time comments from live streams. So far, it has not been explained whether this is a YouTube A/B test or gradual rollout of the new user interface (UI).

YouTube’s new look essentially reverses the position of recommended videos with comments and description — this includes the title, channel name, and likes. Tecnoblog reporter Lupa Charleaux even received the new interface, but the layout was restored to the current one. The UI for TVs has been applied to YouTube in the last month.

In a comment on the post, a user says that it is not possible to “remove” the description on the side using the preview theater mode. Here the one who speaks to you, a fan of the theater window, needs to say that this would be a negative side — at least for me. A Tecnoblog reader managed to hide the description by using the theater mode.

Although I found the new layout to be good (of course, you still need to adapt), theater mode is useful for watching videos without losing notifications on the taskbar and other windows. However, there is a possibility that this is a bug in the implementation of the new layout. When he received the new interface, reporter Charleaux reported that the description would not open.

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