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PS5 colored? Sony registers patent side plates for console

by Janes

Sony has begun registering side plate patents for the PS5. Registered on November 16 of this year at the US Patent & Trademark Office, the document titled “skin cover for PS5 console” —something like “ps5 cover visuals” in Portuguese —shows drawings of faceplates at different angles. However, we do not know how this will be used in the future.

Since the launch of the PS5 in November last year, many console owners have been waiting for different covers to customize the device. Some fans and manufacturers of video game accessories, such as Dbrand, even created boards with unique colors and styles, but it wasn’t long before Sony took down the designs through court action.

Now, from what it seems, the Japanese giant has finally decided to register its own line of caps. It is possible that, in the near future, we will have faceplates for PS5 in midnight black color, as there are already dualsense control and black Pulse 3D headset. There’s also a red joystick —Cosmic Red—that can also inspire new side plates.

Some users are speculating other uses for this patent. The theory is that Sony would be registering the document just to make life difficult for other cap makers for the PS5. With the support of an official registry, the company can inhibit the sale of unofficial custom boards more easily.

The idea of having different faceplates for the PS5 is very interesting. At the time it was announced, the PS5 received several reviews due to its design and the limitation in white color. With other covers, console owners could leave the device with their faces, and Sony would continue to profit from it.

Anyway, we don’t know Sony’s plans for the future. Console manufacturers don’t usually rule when registering patents, so it’s just waiting. In the end, there will only be two possible outcomes: fans happy with customizable PS5 or more lawsuits on the cover creators’ account.

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