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Is iPhone AI coming? Apple confirms WWDC 2024 on June 10

by Janes

Apple announced on Tuesday (26) that it will hold WWDC 2024 between June 10 and 14. The annual event is used by big tech to unveil news in its services, operating systems and, in some cases, new products. Because it always releases information about iOS at WWDC, Apple is expected to present the use of generative AI in iOS 18 at the event.

As regularly reported in recent weeks, either with official statements from Tim Cook or with anonymous sources, Apple is investing in the development of a generative artificial intelligence for the iPhone. The official announcement of WWDC 2024 now throws attention (and anticipation) on AI on iOS and iPhones for the month of June.

Google or OpenAI on iPhone?
At the opening of the event, it will be revealed — probably — whether Apple will use Gemini or GPT-4 as a language model for its AI. Last week, Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist who specializes in covering Apple, revealed that big tech has gone after Google and OpenAI to utilize their artificial intelligence technology.

The scenario seems to indicate that Apple is closer to signing with Google, thus bringing Gemini to iOS 18. In China, the iPhone creator is expected to use Baidu’s AI, as Google and OpenAI’s artificial intelligences cannot operate in the country.

In addition to iOS 18, Apple will also introduce new features for its other operating systems. iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and newcomer visionOS will all have their spaces during WWDC 2024.

After iOS, visionOS is expected to be the second most anticipated topic at the event. The operating system of Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s VR headset, is expected to have new features presented at WWDC 2024.

As a reminder, most of the headset apps are adapted versions of iOS apps. Another complaint is that, even with a good base of compatible VR content, YouTube and Netflix haven’t released dedicated apps for the Vision Pro.

On the hardware side, Apple is likely to introduce some new version of Macbooks and two new AirPods models and a new AirPod Max.

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