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TikTok Notes is released for testing in Australia and Canada

by Janes

TikTok released this Wednesday (17) the download of TikTok Notes in Australia and Canada. The app is ByteDance’s bet, owner of the social network, to rival Instagram. TikTok Notes is a social network focused on publishing photos, as the company itself claims.

In a post on X/Twitter, TikTok said that the download of Notes in the aforementioned countries is just a testing phase of the platform. However, this allows for more details about the platform to be revealed. For example, the X/Twitter post itself has artwork showing some TikTok Notes screens, such as the feed, and app icon. There is no estimate of when the official launch of the social network will be — and tests may indicate that it is better to cancel the project.

In the image released by TikTokComms, X/Twitter’s profile of the social network’s communication sector, we see that the TikTok Notes feed has a feed with two columns. Instead of seeing one image at a time on the screen, you’ll see more images — in thumbnails. There is space to show two rows of captions in the feed.

Just like TikTok, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to see content from the For You feed (algorithm recommendations) or from the accounts you’re following. This use of a For You feed isn’t much different from the photo recommendations that appear on your Instagram timeline.

Australian Jonah Manzano posted some information about TikTok Notes on Twitter. He said that if you’re verified on TikTok, that certification is carried over to Notes. In fact, as with Threads and Instagram, you can log in to the new social network with just your TikTok account — thanks to devs who think about integration.

Another post by Manzano also confirms the TikTok Notes icon. Last week, ByteDance mistakenly posted the social network’s official website — but quickly removed it. The page was saved to the Wayback Machine and it was possible to see an icon with a black background and green details.

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