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PS5 gets even harder to buy after new cut in manufacturing

by Janes

It’s not easy for Sony to keep PS5 manufacturing up high around the world, it seems. According to Bloomberg, the company would have again lowered its internal manufacturing forecast for new units. Previously the goal was to have more than 16 million consoles manufactured by the end of March 2022, but the new forecast is to be no more than 15 million.

The supposed forecast cut seems small, but it can greatly impact the sale and the expectation of success that Sony would seek to achieve with its console. The company even mentioned that it would like to market 14.8 million by the end of March 2022, something that, according to Eurogamer, will be difficult to achieve, after this revised forecast.

The manufacturing difficulty of the PS5, of course, is due to the same reasons: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the production line and lack of parts to build the consoles, their processors and chips.

Manufacturing even continues to happen, especially now after the “resumption” of various workforces, with the advance of vaccination worldwide. Still, the parts are reportedly coming to the manufacture of the PS5 with a certain delay, which is impacting on Sony’s own timelines.

PS5 completes one year
The bad news comes with the one-year anniversary of ps5. The Sony console was released in late 2020, in November, while also taking advantage of Black Friday sales. The device came with several promises, especially in relation to the loading speed of the games, which in fact fulfilled. All this thanks to high-performance SSD storage.

Another novelty was the DualSense control, with feedback sensors on the triggers, making the gaming experience even more differentiated.

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