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Listen to “The Bitter Truth”, evanescence’s new album that will be in september in t…

by Gabriela

Evanescence returns with a powerful sound that marks a return to the roots of american rock band, “The Bitter Truth” collects 11 tracks that speak of personal pain (the unexpected death of frontwoman Amy Lee’s brother, the sudden loss of a child by bassist Tim McCord) and collective tragedies, such as racism, pandemic and economic upheaval.
But despite the dark and bitter traits of life, the message that runs through the album is positive and bright: moving forward is always better than giving up.

Forced throughout 2020 to write and record most of the album distant from each other, and with an unprecedented workflow and creative limitations, the band has returned to the epic and explosive sound for which it has made its name in the world.

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The dramatic moments that pervade the world in which we live have influenced the texts, which deal with old and new themes with raw honesty. A process of intimate healing for Amy Lee herself, that of writing and singing about inner demons, pain, social masks that you are obliged to wear or impose on those who struggle with their mental health, rebellion in the face of injustice and misogyny, and freedom that derives from the end of toxic relationships and that culminates in a sense of resilience.


Amy Lee of Evanescence sings Francesca Michielin ‘s L’Amore Esiste (AUDIO)

“I would like people, after listening to this album, to feel hope, a sense of rebirth and strength – says Amy Lee – One thing that inspires me a lot in life is the people who have overcome great obstacles: the survivors. I hope we can convey the idea that even when things are incredibly painful, life is worth living. Going through the darkest and most difficult moments, getting in front of them and finding out that we are not alone, makes us real. It makes us strong enough to deal with them. And it unites us, if we allow it, in a deeper appreciation of light … and truth.

Evanescence will be able to see evanescence in concert on Thursday, September 9, 2021 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (Milan),for the only Italian leg of the world tour“Worlds Collide Tour” together with Within Temptation.

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