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WhatsApp down: app gives “looking for new messages” error

by Janes

WhatsApp went down for users around the world this afternoon (03/04). The issue appears to affect both Android and iPhone (iOS) versions of the app. On Google’s system, WhatsApp features a constant “looking for new messages” notification. On Apple’s interface, there is an eternal “Connecting…” at the top of the app.

Web searches show that WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop are also affected by the issue. This is probably the same crash affecting all versions of the Meta platform, controlled by Mark Zuckerberg.

For now, there is no indication as to the reason for the bug in WhatsApp. It is also unknown when it will be resolved. Through Twitter/X, WhatsApp stated that it is “working to put things 100% back in place for everyone as soon as possible.”

Some users also say that Instagram is down. However, we did tests and didn’t detect any issues on the platform among team members.

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