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Pierpaolo Pretelli attacks Tommaso Zorzi: “He is cynical”

by Gabriela

The latest edition of the GF Vip really made the fortune of some of the participants who gained stratospheric visibility.

Pierpaolo Pretelli, in an interview with SuperGuida TV, aroused a lot of controversy by talking about Tommaso Zorzi. The words of the former velino were not particularly kind. Here’s what he said: “The most strategists were Dayane and Tommaso. I think he was an ideal competitor for this game because he always created the dynamics. Tommaso is a person who manages to separate feelings from the game, he is cynical. Just think that she appointed Stefania, who is her best friend, Maria Teresa and Francesco. I would never have done that.”

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Despite Zorzi’s misunderstandings and spat with his girlfriend Giulia Salemi,Pierpaolo Pretelli said he hoped to have: “a calmer relationship” with Tommaso and, perhaps, also be able to: ” find a meeting point with Giulia”. I mean, nothing too offensive, but zorzi’s response was a sensation. In fact, it seems that the Milanese influencer has completely paved Pierpaolo at Clubhouse, using disarming sufficiency.

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He was asked, “what do you think of Pier?” and Tommy simply replied “let’s move on…”, without too many comments or turns of words. It seems clear that there is no good blood between the twoGF Vip finalists, but there have certainly never been quarrels or insults between the two.

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