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Giorgia Meloni is outraged at the homophobic aggression in Rome, but for her “homosexuals do not…

by Gustavo

Always say no, deny an obvious problem in Italy and then realize, after a news story, that that problem really exists. Who knows if what happened in recent days in Rome,with the homophobic aggression inside the Valle Aurelia station, will have made Giorgia Meloni open her eyes.

Tiziano Ferro vs. Giorgia Meloni and those who discriminate (VIDEO)

” I am shocked at this absurd and brutal violence in Rome against a boy who, frompress reconstructions, would have been attacked only because he kissed his partner. I hope that the person responsible for this cowardly violence will pay for it: these images are unworthy of a civilised country. My full solidarity with the attacked boy”wrote Giorgia Meloni in her post of indignation posted on her Facebook page.

Giorgia Meloni expresses solidarity with gay boy from Turin, victim of homophobia by her father

The hope is that the leader of Fratelli d’Italia will follow up her social post of indignation at what happened. Perhaps changing attitude towards ddl Zan against homophobia.

But, as we know, among the first opponents of ddl Zan there is precisely Fratelli d’Italia. And not only in words, since Giorgia Meloni, on July 16, took to the streets brandishing the microphone and speaking like this: “Discrimination against homosexuals? For me discrimination must always be combated, but we cannot say that today in the Italian reality they are discriminated against, we have made great strides in this issue“.

Giorgia Meloni against ddl Zan: “The law against homophobia is surreal”

The party led by Meloni has also made its mark in Parliament. As the Sole 24 ore recalls, in fact, just in the days of the demonstration against ddl Zan, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia presented 975 (yes, nine hundred and seventy-five) amendments to the bill against homophobia. The two popular-sovereignist parties talk about it as a gag law for a problem that does not exist. In Europe, too, the situation is no better. Only ten days ago, it was March 11, 2021, always the parties led by Meloni and Salvini voted against the resolution for a “European Union zone of freedom for LGBTQI people”. The reason? They argued that this was only an instrumentalisation against Hungary and Poland.

“The uterus for rent is a crime not only in Italy”: the proposal of Giorgia Meloni and Mara Carfagna to the Chamber

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