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Antonella Clerici returns to tv: “It foams but it’s not…” (VIDEO)

by Yuri

A few years ago, in an episode of La Prova del Cuoco,something happened that might seem sly but that thanks to the irony of the host Antonella Clerici and the dynamics of the couple on the phone has become a cult of TV, a kind “bravado” at Amici Miei.

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And today, during It’s always noon, the host “risked” the remake. During one of the telephone games, the host read a question: ” Doesshe have foam… Oh, god, no, eh! You’re going to see, eh.. “It has foam but it’s not a soap, “no eh!” And then he went on to ask, “He’s got foam, but it’s not a beer… But you are wretches (addressing the authors and laughing, ed.)“. The almost ramake of one of tv’s most hilarious moments was about to take place, with Antonella asking for a fan because, she says, “I came a skald…”.

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