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Sardinia does not want Federico Fashion Style: “Stay at home!”

by Gustavo

Federico Fashion Style announced on Instagram that he was leaving for Sardinia, white zone: “Even if we are in the red zone I go to the white area. I decided to go to Sardinia and organize the work in maximum safety”.

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Too bad that the idea did not please very much those who live in Sardinia, enjoying the white area conquered with effort and sacrifice. The comments are all similar in the tenor: “From the red zone in Sardinia? Avoid”, “Have respect for our hairdressers”, thunder someone else in defense of the category and those who are working regularly on the Island. In general it seems that the welcome will not be particularly warm.

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The hairdresser would like to leave for a tour and go from Iglesias to Olbia, passing through Quartucciu, Cagliari, Oristano, Alghero and Sassari. He wrote: “I feel the need not to stop, because only when I express my art am I happy.” It is expected to start on Saturday, March 20 and finish on March 26/27 in Olbia. However, he wanted to reassure everyone: “Rest assured, those who come from the red zone like me must make the tampon and register for the portal of the Region, I will take the test the day before leaving”. All hairdressing salons are closed due to the red zone, but Federico Fashion Style can’t stand without work, he says. The hairdresser had already been at the center of the controversy when last summer he had returned from Sardinia to Rome, being positive for covid and in fact car denouncing that he had left with a fever, demonstrating the few controls.

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