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Review Amazon Echo Show 15: The Alexa of the Family

by Janes

From headset to swivel screen to your living room. In recent years, in its portfolio, Amazon has been testing many ways to include Alexa in the person’s day-to-day life. This time, the big star is the Amazon Echo Show 15, device that comes to reinforce this idea of having a virtual assistant always available for your home.

Amazon’s product is a mix of several other products: TV, virtual frame, tablet, phone, and is a hub for your connected home. It has a 15-inch touch screen, built-in speaker, camera and Bluetooth. Is it worth paying almost R$ 2,000? We tested Echo Show 15 to find out.

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Echo Show 15 was provided by Amazon by donation and will not be returned to the company. For more information, visit tecnoblog.net/etica.

Starting from the look, in the publicity images, the Echo Show 15 seems to be a great device. But on a visit to Amazon headquarters, when I had my first contact with the product, it was possible to see that the dimensions are very small: vertically, it is 40 centimeters high and wide is 25 centimeters.

What draws most attention is that the product resembles a frame with frame; no way Amazon makes some artistic images available to be activated when the screen is not in use. Further on we will talk about this function.

Echo Show 15 is designed to get stuck in the wall, eye-length and strategic areas of the house, such as in a hallway or kitchen, to be part of the family’s day-to-day life. With that in mind, Amazon already sends fasteners such as brackets, bushings and screws.

The only problem is that the company didn’t think of a solution to hide the power cord. So he’ll always be exposed.

For those who prefer, as well as echo show 10, the screen can also be on a mobile, such as coffee table or counter. However, the support for this configuration, which we received for this review, is sold separately and costs R$ 149 (the tiltable) and R$ 199 (the spinner).

The Amazon Echo Show 15’s 15.6-inch screen is LCD-type with Full HD resolution (1080p). These settings soon deliver that you won’t find a liveliness near OLED or impressive settings. Although it is possible to watch streaming on the product, it was not developed exclusively for this.

Even so, it is still a legal solution. For those who want to cook and pay more attention to the audio of a movie or series, just open Netflix or Prime Video, and play.

The screen is touch-sensitive and the response time has a certain delay. On a day-to-day every day, it’s not something that will bother you, not least because you can use Alexa by voice command. And this can be a good alternative if you want to quickly consult some information.

To facilitate everyday interaction, the Echo Show 15 system can be customized with widgets. Around here, we leave time and temperature, shopping list, Amazon Music recommendations and favorites with smart home devices.

When idle, a command turns the gadget into a frame, displaying artistic works that change from time to time. You can also import the image from Facebook or any other photo from the crowd of your smartphone.

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