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Samsung prepares new phone for fans, but may not be the Galaxy S22 FE

by Janes

The Galaxy S21 FE was long overdue, but was released. This, however, does not tend to be the future of the Galaxy S22 FE, which may have its debut cancelled to give priority to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung, on the other hand, is already preparing to unveil a new phone for fans next year: the expected Galaxy S23 FE.

The information was revealed by The Elec on Tuesday (19). According to the South Korean portal, Samsung is not really expected to launch the Galaxy S22 FE this year. The bet follows another rumor raised in June that pointed to the end of the line debuted in 2020 with the Galaxy S20 FE.

The explanations for the cancellation of the S22 FE revolve around the success of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. To refresh the memory, the phone is a kind of a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note family, which received its last update in 2020. And its highlight, as one might imagine, is related to s pen pen support.

This whole set led Samsung to reflection. No for nothing, initially, the brand intended to produce three million units of the Galaxy S22 FE in 2022 alone. But in addition to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s sales performance and chip shortage scenario, the South Korean brand has chosen not to release the new version of the line for now.

Thus, the components will be destined for ultra edition, due to the demand of the mobile phone.

But that doesn’t mean the line will be abandoned. The South Korean website also reports that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S23 FE next year. It is expected that three million units will be produced initially.

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