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Review Amazfit GTS 3: style, health and the same errors

by Janes

Presented alongside GTR 3 in 2021, the Amazfit GTS 3 is a device for those looking for a smartwatch with good features and at the same time is friendly on the wrist. It has a design reminiscent of the Apple Watch, plus 1.75 inch AMOLED screen, integrated Alexa and battery for up to 12 days of use.

Despite having a system with good functionality, there are still resources missing from the Zepp OS interface. Still, is it worth giving him a chance? I’ve been testing the Amazfit GTS 3 and i share my review in the next few minutes.

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I went ahead at the beginning, the Amazfit GTS 3 has a very friendly look, and tries to pass an air of sophistication. The watch case, 42 mm, mixes glass, aluminum alloy and plastic. The silicone bracelet also features a beautiful finish, accompanying the main color of the smartwatch.

Speaking of colors, we tested the ivory white model, which is close to a rosé and flashy on the wrist. Amazfit still sells the GTS 3 in pink, very similar to this tested version, and there is also graphite black, for those who prefer something more discreet. I really liked the look of the watch.

With almost 25 grams, the wearable is not heavy, which already stimulates the use at night to monitor the quality of sleep. The material employed is comfortable and fortunately did not assault my skin.

This whole set is still prepared for contact with water. Like most competitors, the wearable is resistant to water dives up to 5 AMT, i.e. 50 meters deep.

The AMOLED screen of the Amazfit GTS 3 is 1.75 inch long, with a beautiful curvature that integrates into the case. In brightness and definition, we know that the AMOLED is excellent, so the gadget delivers both features. There is only one deviation: in open places and under sunlight, I could only see the content with the brightness close to the maximum.

It has resolution 450 x 390 pixels and 341 ppi, higher number than the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro which, unlike this analyzed, has a curved screen of 1.45 inch.

As a fitness and health tracker, the Watch’s Zepp OS system provides essential features: you can check your heart rate, blood oxygen level, stress, night’s sleep and menstrual cycle. Basically, they are the same features that we find in other smartwatches and smartbands from Amazfit and Xiaomi.

Focusing on health, the heartbeat reader is controlled by the Biometric BioTracker 3.0 biometric sensor, the same as the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. In some tests, always at rest, the BPM reading of GTS 3 was above that presented by the Apple Watch and Xiaomi Band 7, but little.

Blood oxygenation (SpO2) can be performed automatically when you are in a resting state. When on, GTS 3 can alert you when saturation is low. Of course, the wearable oximeter is not a diagnostic tool, but can be useful on a day-to-day life. In my evaluations, it featured numbers that matched my current state.

In the training part, the amazfit wearable supports more than 150 sports: running, walking, treadmill, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing machine, yoga and football are some activities you will find in the gadget.

During a walk, for example, in addition to duration, it shows distance, heart rate, speed, number of calories and steps. All this data — and more — is stored in Zepp, the watch app that pleases me for detailing and chatting with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Strava.

Another good differential of the Amazfit GTS 3 is that it has integrated GPS, and can track the stretch of your run or walk.

The PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) system of the watch is a cool technology for those who want to monitor physical conditioning, besides being stimulating, at least in my tests. It provides scores according to your heart rate elevation, activity intensity and other health data extracted by the gadget.

Moving on to smartwatch features, the Zepp operating system has been gaining good news, but still leaves to be desired in some points. For example, the Alexa always available is a good differential and, particularly, I like amazon’s virtual assistant very much.

On the other hand, although it may warn that there are new notifications on the phone, it is not yet possible to reply to WhatsApp or Telegram messages by GTS 3. Meanwhile, even The Mi Band 7, which is simpler, began to make this type of action available.

Another very negative point is support for third-party applications, which are almost non-existent here. In all, I counted 25 apps, most of them health, but no popular ones we found on watches like Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch.

I also missed NFC for approximate payments. However, considering the watch category, it can be noted the absence of this type of technology.

The remote shutter worked fine when the watch was connected to an iPhone 13 Mini, and the music player, useful during training, also showed no inconsistencies, and the cool thing is that you can adjust the intensity of the playing track, which is very convenient.

The 250 mAh battery of GTS 3 can last 12 days with monitoring of heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen and physical activities. Average users, who do not require so much of the watch, must achieve this autonomy. In my tests, in this same scenario, gts 3 came close to the promised, remaining on for 9 days.

On the other hand, if you enable battery-saving mode, which disables Bluetooth, BPM analysis, and other functions, the 12 days skip to 20 days. Under these conditions, it records only the number of steps, in addition to doing sleep analysis.

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