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Microsoft confirms that Copilot will be released on September 26

by Janes

Microsoft announced on Thursday (21) that Copilot, its assistant developed with generative AI technology, will be released on September 26, next Tuesday. The company revealed the information during an official event. Copilot will arrive with the next Windows 11 update (23H2).

On the same day, Microsoft will finally release native support for compressed archives, such as those using the RAR and 7-Zip extension. This feature was announced in May, but has since been restricted to only beta versions of Windows 11. More time consuming than the time between the announcement and official release, only the almost 30 years for Microsoft to create native support for the file.

Big news of the event is the launch date of Copilot
At Microsoft’s event, which was not broadcast live but was covered by vehicles present at the venue, the big news about Copilot was its release date — September 26. First announced in May, the virtual assistant will replace Cortana and has already had a portion of its tests leaked.

Another new feature introduced to Copilot is support for identifying mathematical formulas written with Microsoft’s Surfaces Pen. The tool sounds interesting, but in a closed event it’s easy to show the effectiveness — so the release date is the highlight of the event: let’s see everything it can do.

Microsoft Copilot will be located in the lower-right corner of Windows 11, in the same space where the date and time features are; connection and sound settings.

Already version of Copilot for companies will be released on November 1. The feature will not be included in the subscriptions and will be charged separately. Confirming the July announcement, the use of Copilot in Microsoft 365 will cost $ 30 per user.

One feature that appears to be unique to the enterprise version of Copilot is the Copilot Lab, where colleagues will be able to share prompts to teach (and learn) how to use AI effectively. If the Lab is only for Microsoft 365 enterprise, no problem: there is always Google, I mean, Bing for you to seek usage tips.

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