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TikTok is showing Google links in search results

by Janes

TikTok continues to improve search results on its app. Now, the social network is testing, in some countries, links to Google searches. In this way, the user who makes a search on the platform can continue his search in the “competitor”.

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the platform is testing this feature. However, he did not specify in which countries the test is available. Google declined to comment on the matter.

We used an Android device and two iPhones (where the Wikipedia widget is already released) to search for Google’s result on TikTok, but we did not find the Google link.

TikTok and Google: From Rivals to Potential Partners?
For a few months now, TikTok has been gaining ground as a “search engine” for Gen Z. However, this audience uses the short-video platform to search for reviews of places, such as restaurants. Still, it’s a habit that worries Google.

Now, with the appearance of this feature to continue the search on Google, the scenario. Especially with governments taking a firm hold on the monopolies of tech companies. Google is in an antitrust lawsuit, while TikTok will have to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) — the DMA has some rules against anticompetitive practices.

By partnering with TikTok, Google could complicate its antitrust lawsuit. After all, big tech is expanding its reach, gaining an advantage over rivals (Bing and DuckDuckGo) by taking its search service to another platform — and one that is one of the largest social networks today.

TikTok is better off in that deal. The platform would get rid of a possible charge of preventing its users from accessing third-party services. This point from DMA is making until WhatsApp releases integration with other messaging apps. And there’s an advantage for the user: if a video doesn’t respond, just click on the link and open Google.

TikTok is showing Wikipedia cards
Last week, TikTok confirmed that it has signed a partnership with Wikipedia. So far, only a few terms show your page’s card/widget in the popular online encyclopedia.

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