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Samsung’s app shows supposed Galaxy Ring icon and reinforces rumor

by Janes

One more piece of information about the Galaxy Ring has come to light on the internet. Users of the Galaxy Wearable, Samsung’s app for watches and wireless headphones, found “in the codes” of the application an icon that, supposedly, is the future smart ring of the brand. The PNG image has three “hoops” — which justify the interpretation of rings.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung can’t keep much of a secret about its products. The Galaxy Ring, wearable that adopts the concept of a ring, was already speculated before October 2022.

But to be fair to Samsung, the finding of this icon in the Galaxy Wearable was not a “leak”. The South Korean users who found the art “gariped” the app’s files — the classic act of “swearing.” The icon is not visible in any menu accessible to those who use the app only to manage the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds.

With three months to go until the end of the year (already?!), a rumor revealed on Monday indicates that the Galaxy Ring will be released in January, in the first Galaxy Unpacked next year — and on the side of the Galaxy S24 line. So it’s only natural that Samsung is preparing the wearables app to receive the smart ring update. This is even one of the most common ways to find out when a Galaxy Watch or Buds arrives: snooping through hidden files.

Thus, the emergence of this “supposed” Galaxy Ring icon gives more credibility to the information of the launch in January 2024. What can still give a certain doubt is the Galaxy Unpacked be held in the first month of the year.

Since 2020, only the Galaxy S21 was released in January. S22 and S23 arrived in early February—the 9th and 1st, respectively. And nothing prevents the next Galaxy Unpacked from happening on January 30 or 31: it’s almost February and on the traditional Galaxy S release dates.

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