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With AI investments, Windows 12 may be the smartest SO on the market

by Janes

Microsoft is opening the portfolio to invest in artificial intelligence. With this scenario, the first question that appears is: will Windows 12 be the smartest operating system on the market? The use of GPT-3 technology will soon come to Microsoft programs and services such as Teams and Bing.

Microsoft has partnered with OpenAI, the company responsible for ChatGPT and Dall-E, to work together on Azure AI, the windows creator’s supercomputing platform. Recently, The Information revealed that, according to internal sources, Microsoft wants to apply GPT-3 technology to Bing. Before the new OS arrives, Windows 11 should receive artificial intelligence to improve video-calls.

Will Windows 12 have more artificial intelligence?
By the floor of the carriage, with all of Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, the next Windows should arrive with artificial intelligence optimized for your programs. Of course, it’s still early (not so much, I’ll explain later), to know which apps will get Improvements with AI in Windows 12.

However, it’s easy to predict that News Feed recommendations (that weathericon), Calendar features, Microsoft To-Do, Email, and other programs you might not even use. By the way, News Feed is one that deserves an update to receive an artificial intelligence… intelligent.

Before launching its next SO, Microsoft should give a first sample of its artificial intelligence development in the coming weeks. Windows 11 should receive updates to improve audio capture, noise reduction, image improvement, and even the eye contact tool.

These features are present in Microsoft Surface and other devices that rely on processors that have neural drives. Teams has audio enhancement and noise reduction tools, but non-ai-optimized chips shouldn’t rely on support for these features—nothing eye contact on my 10th generation i7.

As more devices with NPU (neural processing unit) are released, more support for video call AI-based tools should be expanded. AMD is one of the companies that is developing processors with NPUs and working with Microsoft to expand AI-optimized devices.

“Looks like it was yesterday” that Windows 11 was released. Microsoft’s latest operating system arrived in 2021, but its successor is expected to arrive in 2024 — next year. The CREATOR of the SO has changed its planning and should release “large versions” of Windows every three years. Soon, the supposed Windows 12 should arrive in 2024.

The second question that comes up with a smarter Windows is: does this need to be the priority?

Windows 11 arrived in 2021 and still needs to improve some features and fix some development flaws, such as a problem that exists “since Windows is Windows.

One of the “cheers of the fans” says that Windows 11 seems to have been officially released as a beta —with add-ons that Microsoft has always acted so with its OS.

As a Windows user since 1998, the doubt is sincere. AI is the future and will bring practicality to users. However, Microsoft should focus on releasing a “full” Windows 12, without the user waiting for major semiannual updates to see improvements. Leaves the beta for Windows Insider members.

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