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Razer Edge handheld console is officially released in the United States

by Janes

Razer released on Thursday (26) its “portable console” Razer Edge. First introduced in 2021, the device uses the Android operating system and is equipped with a Qualcomm chip. Razer Edge is currently only available in the United States for $399

Despite having the same price as the Steam Deck, it is not “well” a rival of valve’s product. Like the Nintendo Switch, its control — a Razer Kishi V2 Pro — is detachable, but also “not there” a competitor to that device. The reason is that Razer Edge is not a “portable console”, in fact, it’s more like a tablet gamer —and that’s no problem.

Razer Edge arrives at the right time and time
Whether it’s a tablet gamer or handheld console, Razer has nailed the launch timing of Razer Edge. Leveraged by Nintendo Switch and the evolution of technologies, the market for handheld consoles is more popular.

The processor of the Razer Edge is the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1, announced by Qualcomm in 2021 and which debuts on the tablet gamer. The chip is focused on performance for games, including game streaming services —such as GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Steam Remote Play—and Android games.

The 6.8-inch display uses AMOLED technology, is touchscreen, supports Full HD+ resolution and has an update rate of 144 Hz.

At the moment, Razer has only released the product in the Wi-Fi version, but soon the option will arrive with 5G. Apart from that, the configuration of the tablet gamer will be the same in both models:

8 GB of RAM
128 GB of storage — expandable to up to 2 TB with microSD card
SUPPORT FOR THX Spatial Audio (Wi-Fi) — Boomcloud360 Audio (5G)
Bluetooth 5.2, USB-C and headphone jack
5,000 mAh battery

The Razer Edge comes standard with the Razer Kishi V2 Pro control. If you’re looking for a specific tablet to play, leaving your phone aside, go from Razer Edge

The problem is that you can do everything he does with a smartphone. Then you end up buying a second device to be the tablet gamer, a dedicated and using Android 12. But because it’s razer’s, Edge can sell well—and outperform Steam Deck if it has a larger inventory.

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