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Four months after being released, iOS 16 is still very buggy on the iPhone

by Janes

More dynamic lock screen, new focus options, and improvements to native apps are among the advances in iOS 16. But bugs are also part of the routine of those who use this version. Okay, it can happen with any software. But for a system released four months ago, it was to be expected that most of them were already corrected.

From September 2022 to now, when iOS 16 was officially released, Apple released several updates to the operating system, including with the aim of fixing flaws. One of the updates, which fixes pop-ups that appear in excess in copy-and-paste operations, was released a few days after the official release.

iOS 16.2, the latest update, released on December 13, 2022, brought a package of small new features, but also fixes for crashes.

Despite this, social networks and forums are still rife with bug complaints in iOS 16. In general, the perception is that this version of the system accumulates more failures than is reasonable for a system that came out four months ago of the beta phase.

According to an investigation by MacRumors on its forum, Reddit, Twitter and Apple support, there are complaints of:

inconsistent performance;
-excessive energy consumption;
-crashes in the camera app;
-keyboard that does not appear in applications;
-apps that freeze or close right after they open;
-problems integrating with HomeKit and CarPlay;
-lock screen widgets that stop working.
There are several other reports of bugs. In the tweet below, journalist Sanjiv Sathiah shows the iOS 16 keyboard appearing “standing”, although the iPhone is not in a horizontal position.

Apparently, all iPhone models compatible with iOS 16 have problems with this version of the system. That goes even for the latest devices.

However, the bugs may be different from drive to drive. For example, I noticed the keyboard failure that does not appear on an iPhone 14. But on an iPhone 12 Mini, I never had this problem (or any other flaw).

iOS 16.3 is coming
Apple already works on iOS 16.3, version that can be released in February. As usual, it should bring not only functional features, but also bug fixes.

However, given the amount of bug reports, it won’t be surprising if Apple releases interim updates before iOS 16.3 focused precisely on fixes.

The company did this before releasing iOS 16.2 by making versions 16.1.1 and 16.1.2 available, for example. Given the current circumstances, it is even desirable for this to happen.

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