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Windows 11 will finally have native support for RAR and other formats

by Janes

During the Microsoft Build event on Tuesday (23), the company announced that it will release native support for RAR files in Windows 11. That way, the user will no longer need to install external programs just to unpack various documents. The novelty will start to give the faces in an update in the coming weeks.

According to the Windows blog post, Microsoft’s operating system will receive improvements and new features in the near future. However, one of the most important for those who frequently use the computer and work with several different types of files appeared near the end of the post.

The Redmond-based company has stated that it has added native support for several different file formats in Windows 11. This includes tar, 7-zip, rar and gz, as well as “many others using the libarchive open source project”. That is, the user will be able to unpack documents without having to download and install an application just for that.

In addition, Microsoft said that “you can now get improved performance from archiving functionality during compression in the operating system.”

This facility will save time and space on many users’ PCs, as it was often necessary to have more than one software installed to ensure that that downloaded file was uncompressed. Thus, you will be able to zip a file or folders directly through Windows 11, which will be quite convenient.

More features and improvements in Windows 11
In addition to being able to natively compress and decompress in Windows 11, Microsoft has announced some other improvements to the operating system.

The taskbar will allow you to “quickly identify and access any instance of each app hosted on the taskbar with just one click.” According to the company, the instances of the apps will be ungrouped with labels for better visualization.

You’ll also be able to hide the time and date with a setting on the taskbar. In this way, it will be possible to take prints without worrying about the time appearing, for example.

Another feature that will be quite useful is the possibility to close programs faster by right-clicking on the app from the taskbar. You will no longer need to open Task Manager to do so.

So, were you excited about the arrival of native support for RAR and other formats?

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