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Gmail starts showing more ads, even in the middle of the email list

by Janes

Gmail has started to increase the amount of advertisements inside users’ inboxes. Ads have been part of the app for a long time, with a “Promotions” tab just below the “Main” section of messages. However, reports have surfaced that now this type of email is also appearing in the “Updates” category.

In the first week of May, several posts on social networks pointed out that the news arrived without fanfare. Most of the cases occurred in the mobile version of the app, with ad emails popping up especially for those who make use of the categories feature.

In addition, there are reports that many of the propaganda messages are making their presence felt in the middle of the lists. Before, they appeared at the top, helping the person differentiate them and even ignore them.

On the other hand, this doesn’t seem to be happening with all Gmail users. I myself have not seen any advertising outside the category of “Promotions”. This means that Google may be testing the novelty or that it is coming slowly. Be that as it may, it is worth paying attention to when this update begins to give the faces here.

Gmail profile on Twitter is aware of the situation
The many complaints surfaced especially on Twitter, with dozens of individuals pointing out the change in separate posts.

Some just claimed they started seeing more advertisements than usual, while others went further and posted pictures of their inboxes.

One person went straight to the social network’s Gmail profile, highlighting their irritation at seeing advertising in the middle of their email list. Interestingly, the company responded with a “that doesn’t sound good” and then suggested for the user to read an article about the service and still submit feedback to the brand.

It is worth remembering that it is common to use ads in Google products, since this is an extremely important part of the company’s revenue. However, making changes without warning the user base is not something so common on the part of the search giant.

For example: on Thursday (4), the company disclosed that Gmail will begin to offer a blue verification seal to ensure the provenance of each email.

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