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Will TV Series Also Embrace AI?

by Janes

I confirmed that rendering task on the subject of how the entertainment Industry is embracing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve production and experience of TV series. Here we explain the steps that AI has already begun to take towards asserting its presence in the realm of television.

Content Creation: Audience tastes may also be input to the AI algorithms so for example the kinds of programs that are most likely to be tuned into, the trending topics and themes, may be used as a database to feed the creation of plot lines, characters or even dialogues for TV series. Of course, great human scriptwriters remain at the helm, but specialized programing and services such as ScriptBook and Largo AI could prove beneficial during the process.

Production Optimization: Some of the ways that Artificial Intelligence will help in improving the process of production of a TV series are by assisting in the pre-production planning process and in the post-production editing part of the series. For instance, for location selection, AI can speed up the process of selecting good shooting locations through analyzing the visual information. Laufeger mentioned that many editing tasks which before would require much production time, now have artificial intelligence solutions such as Magisto and Adobe Sensei to help with scene segmentation, color grading, among others.

Personalized Viewing Experience: Quite naturally nowadays, content streaming services are relying heavily on AI technology to customize the content audience gets to watch. Since this AI learns the behavior of viewers and what they prefer to watch, it can suggest TV series which users might like, which would help to boost the viewership rates and reduce the bounce rates.

Visual Effects and Animation: Tech can help make the visuals in series more believable, and AI is gradually playing a huge role in the visual effects and animations in television series. Open source techniques such as deep learning can be used to create various characters and environment as realistic CGI that would take less amount of time and money as compared to conventional tedious methods of animation.

Content Moderation and Compliance: The technology can also be used in detecting and preventing broadcast of TV series programmes that is in a way violates the legal reports and the etiquette of the society. In this regard, AI can help content moderators in performing their job effectively by proactively identifying and dividing content that is deemed by many as NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

It can also be noted that artificial intelligence continually poses innovative possibilities in terms of production of TV series, including increased operational efficiency, further creativity, and potentially better quality of watching TV series. Looking at the future of television, it is for certain that with the advancement of technology, especially artificial intelligence, its employment in television content provision will only continue to grow.

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