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TikTok now wants horizontal videos (like YouTube)

by Janes

TikTok is encouraging content creators to post long videos horizontally yes, just like the most popular video format on YouTube. The Chinese platform began sending the statement to tiktokers last week. Videos in this format can receive a promotion boost for 72 hours.

When TikTok started to strike fear into social media in the West, we started to see “tiktokization” on the platforms. Meta went faster than Google and brought Reels to Instagram. Shortly thereafter, YouTube launched Shorts. As the world doesn’t turn, it flips over, TikTok begins to “youtubeze” its content.

As TikTok’s statement shows, released by some content creators on the platform, users who post videos longer than one minute and in horizontal orientation can receive a promotion boost for up to 72 hours. In short: TikTok will give you more reach without charging anything for it.

To be able to receive this bonus, in addition to meeting the requirements of the video format, accounts must be more than three months old, the content must be original, not an advertisement and not a government, politician, or party account. Dubbing videos are discouraged.

The use of the hashtag is #longervideos optional, but this point of the message delivers something very important: TikTok wants to make it easier to search for this format on the platform and help spread the word. After all, it’s not enough for you to deliver content if the user will have difficulty searching for it. And let alone throw down the drain the effort of the creator who produced the video.

The adoption of horizontal long videos is, of course, a new way for TikTok to make more money from ads. This format is preferable by advertisers and allows the platform to sell more space on a video. Taking YouTube as an example, Google can place two ads in a row and, in some cases, 15-second ads that can’t be skipped.

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