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Telegram now has view-once voice and video messages

by Janes

Telegram has released view-once for voice and video messages, which causes them to be deleted after being heard or viewed by the recipient. This option was already available for videos and photos. The January feature update also allows you to pause recordings and view the time a message was read.

To send view-once audio, hold the record button (the one with the microphone icon) and drag up, to continue recording even without pressing it. Telegram will display two buttons. One of them has the number 1; When you tap on it, you activate the single view.

The mechanics are quite similar to WhatsApp, which announced the same feature in December 2023. And if you find the term “single view” instead of “single hearing” strange, know that we think so too, but this is the term that Telegram and WhatsApp have officially adopted.

Telegram Shows Message Reading Time
Another new feature of January’s suite of tools is the time for reading messages. On Telegram, when the message has two ticks, it means it has been read; Now, just tap and hold the message to see the reading time.
Just as you can turn off read receipts, you can also turn off schedules. Similarly, when you prevent others from seeing what time you read the messages, you also stop seeing when others have read yours.

Subscribers get one-way confirmations
This rule of not being able to see confirmations when you hide yours has gained an exception. Users who subscribe to Telegram Premium will be able to hide their receipts and reading times, but continue to see those of other contacts. Telegram called this one-way confirmation.

This exception, however, is only valid when the person you’re chatting with hasn’t turned off the feature. By turning off receipts and read times, they are hidden from everyone, whether they are Premium subscribers or free users.

Another “privilege” for Telegram Premium users is to prevent unknown users from starting conversations unless they are also subscribers. The app has gained an option that restricts who can send the first message to “Only My Contacts and Premium Users”.

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