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Netflix begins releasing support for Space Audio on iPhone and iPad

by Janes

Netflix has begun releasing support for Apple’s space audio technology. The feature works on iPhone and iPad apps with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 or higher—since we have iOS 15 on the way. The company’s confirmation was made to the 9To5Mac on Wednesday (18) — the feature is exclusive to AirPods Pro and Max.

Spatial Audio promises greater immersion for movies on Netflix
The expectation is that the arrival of technology will allow the user a more immersive experience when watching movies, series and other programs compatible with Dolby Atmos on the streaming service.

It is worth remembering that with iOS 15, we will also have the function “Spatialize Stereo”, capable of simulating Spatial Audio even if the contents in play do not have Dolby Atmos.

Space Audio promises to bring the “movie experience” directly to your headphones (AirPods Pro or Max). The feature uses directional audio filters and adjusts the frequencies each ear receives to situate the viewer and provide a surround sound experience.

According to Apple, this is possible with the use of the gyroscope and accelerometer of the AirPods and iPhone/iPad, crossing the motion data of your device and your head. In this way, the technology can best situate surround channels, regardless of their movement.

To manage your spatial audio configuration, you need to access the iPhone or iPad Control Center. If you’re not seeing the option yet, even with the latest version of the Netflix app installed, don’t worry—the company is gradually launching the function over the next few weeks.

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