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Instagram and Threads experience instability this Thursday

by Janes

Instagram and Threads, Meta’s social networks, experienced instability on Thursday morning (2). Reports of problems on Instagram began around 9:46 a.m. and peaked from 10:41 a.m. — according to Downdetector’s chart. The social media service appears to be operating normally since 11:11 a.m.

On X/Twitter, there are reports about the Instagram outage in different languages, which indicates that the problem was not exclusive to one nation. Threads also suffered from instability in its operation this morning. This is probably not a coincidence, given that Meta’s microblogging is practically an extension of Instagram, sharing various services and settings.

During the period of instability, the two social networks did not load the content of the feeds — nor did they even allow them to update them. The Instagram screen showed the warning that there was an error and the page could not load. Whereas in Threads, the splash screen continuously showed the loading animation.

At the time of publication, both networks appear to be functioning normally. However, don’t be surprised if the service continues to have a problem for a few more minutes (or hours).

Facebook and WhatsApp did not have any instability this morning. We reached out to Meta’s press office to learn more about the case and which countries were affected. The news will be updated with as soon as responses are submitted.

Instagram went through instability before Threads debut
On July 5 of this year, Instagram went down for some users. The date preceded the release of Threads. With today’s drop, we have confirmation that the high integration between the two platforms can harm the functioning of the two social networks at the same time.

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