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Google Maps gets a new generation with more AI and AR

by Janes

Google today announced the launch of the next generation of Google Maps, executives told reporters. The map platform has a greater presence of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Implementation will take place gradually, and not all countries will receive all the resources right away.

Importantly, the smartphone apps and the official Google Maps website continue to look the same. New tools will land from now on, according to Google executives.

Perhaps the most impactful feature for people users is Lens. The use of artificial intelligence has resulted in a screen on which fans of the platform will be able to explore and walk around different places. The promise is of a real-time visualization, as if the person were at that point.

The idea is to make the process of finding your way from one location to another simpler. Google believes that in this way, it will also be possible to discover new establishments, such as a café or a store.

The feature, formerly called Live View Search, has been rebranded to Lens in Google Maps. It reaches São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, among 48 other cities around the world.

More complete search
Among the novelties, the so-called Visual Search stands out. Google describes it as the combination of billions of photos taken by Street View, satellites, and the platform’s users. At the end of the day, the company promises to make it easier to find the best way to get to a certain place.

Machine learning techniques were used in this new feature, as well as insights from the Maps user community. The tool is coming to iPhone (iOS) in October and Android in November.

Google Maps also gains better-rounded thematic results. On a trip to Tokyo, searching for “things to do” should bring up sections with “anime,” “cherry blossoms,” or “art exhibits.”

The company said the activity and food results will roll out globally on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. She did not specify a date.

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