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Google will have alert about your personal data published on the web

by Janes

With so many leaks, there is always the chance that someone will get your personal data in a simple internet search. Google will try to protect users from this kind of situation with a new tool called Results About You. It will monitor new search-indexed pages that contain user data.

With the novelty, you can be notified when Google finds your address, phone number or email on the internet, without having to do periodic searches for it. Thus, the user can request the removal of the information from the search more quickly.

The Results on You was announced in September 2022. It’s currently only available in the U.S. — when you click on the tool’s address, Google displays a 404 error warning, page not found.

The press release sent by Google Brazil says that the tool will be expanded globally soon.

Removing explicit personal photos will become easier
Google has also updated its policies to remove from search sexually explicit personal images posted without consent, including content replicated on third-party sites or content playbacks.

According to the company, the process of requesting removal is more agile and has simpler forms. The information for this is on the support page.

It is worth mentioning that both personal information and intimate images no longer appear in search results, but are not removed from the internet, since Google does not have this power.

SafeSearch will blur sexual and violent images
In addition to protections for personal data, information, and photos, Google will also have an option to blur pornographic or violent images in search results. The user will be able to see them — just click to display the image.

This will be the default alternative to SafeSearch, and will be linked to all users, even those who were using unfiltered search. Only users over the age of 18 will be able to disable this option.

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