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Elon Musk says he will talk to Tim Cook about App Store commission

by Janes

Elon Musk, the Twitter owner who is now called X, “tweeted” that he will talk again with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, to negotiate the commission charged on the App Store. The infamous 30% commission has already spawned a meeting between business owners at the end of 2022. The new reason for Elon Musk to resume the subject is the transfer of the payments of the subscriptions on Twitter.

Musk wants the fee to be charged to Twitter’s share of subscriptions. Currently, the App Store fee is taken from a fan’s subscription. Just like YouTube, Twitch and more recently Instagram, the old bird platform has a service for followers to “subscribe” to the accounts of their favorite influencers, gaining advantages and exclusive content.

Transfer amount is affected even without X charging your commission
According to the owner of Twitter/X, the high amount charged by Apple affects the transfers to content creators – even if the social network does not take its share. The account sign-up tool will only pass a portion to Twitter when it turns one year.

After this period, Musk said that the platform will keep 10% of registrations that exceed $ 100,000. The announcement of the App Store proposal to charge the commission only on the part of Twitter shows that the owner of the platform is attentive to the main feature of a social network: influencers.

In other news about social networks, this one who writes to you has already commented on how content creators need to be valued for a platform to have the least success – it was even a strategy tried by Threads to leverage users in the early days, delivering early access for influencers to test the app.

In the best-case scenario, Tim Cook will make this exception for the social network formerly known as Twitter. However, by announcing an exemption for creators who make less than $100,000 a year, Musk can show Cook that he’s “playing his game.” Apple charges a 15% commission on apps that have the same revenue in a year.

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