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Spotify tests and takes lyrics from songs of those who do not subscribe to Premium

by Janes

Do you like to accompany the lyrics of your favorite songs and even sing along? What if you had to pay for it? Spotify is testing taking the lyrics out of the free version of the streaming service.

The change was seen by some users since Tuesday (3) and appeared on the subreddit dedicated to the platform. The verses were no longer below the music player in the mobile version of the app. In their place, a notice saying “Enjoy the lyrics with Spotify Premium.”

According to the company, this is just a test. “We often conduct multiple tests. Some of them gain space to become a broader user experience; others serve as an important learning,” CJ Stanley, Spotify’s head of global communications, told The Verge.

Without specifying the details, the executive said the test involves a limited number of users in two countries.

Spotify still needs to make a profit
It’s quite likely that Spotify won’t go very far in this test. Even so, the company has already been limiting some resources to those who pay. She did this with DJ, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create playlists.

The answer to this type of decision may lie in the financial results. The company has never closed a year with a profit since 2009, when data collected by the website Statista began.

One way to make more money was pretty obvious: charge more. In the last price increase.

The subscription does not include some features offered by competitors, such as lossless audio. Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal have lossless audio in the packages priced similar to Spotify Premium. Meanwhile, Spotify doesn’t know when it will offer this audio quality due to the extra costs it brings.

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