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Samsung M5 Smart Monitor: spectacle in versatility

by Janes

After smart TVs, an already consolidated sector, finally the time has come when monitors move to stay smart. And The South Koreans took this first step: the Samsung M5, launched in Brazil in August 2021 for R$ 1,849, is the first smart monitor in the world, which has a hybrid proposal, being recommended for work and entertainment. This version has 24-inch, IPS LCD panel, full HD resolution and runs the Tizen system itself, which many already know.

Another decoy of the M5 is the connectivity system, which includes Tap View, DeX, AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode. The manufacturer also sends a remote control to facilitate navigation through the system. Is it worth investing almost R$ 2,000 in the product? I used the Samsung M5 Smart Monitor for several days and share my experience of use in this review.

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On the outside, the Samsung M5 gives no clue as to the intelligence that there is internally. It follows with the traditional language of a monitor and is all built in very simple plastic. Just like the Dell P-19H line, fortunately the M5 has slightly thin edges and there is only one chin with the brand ID and a button that allows you to turn off equipment, control volume and inputs. I confess that I did not need to resort to it during use because Samsung already sends a remote control that facilitates everything; I’ll get to him.

The support feet were able to make the Smart Monitor look more sympathetic. Even so, I found that they take up a lot of space on the work table and the company could have adjusted the piece leaving it with a minimalist footprint. The good news is that you can easily remove and place the screen on an articulated arm or wall, because the monitor is compatible with standard VESA 100 x 100 mm support.

On the connection part, Samsung left me very disappointed. The company focused heavily on wireless connectivity and forgot about the other, still widely used connections. For example, the M5 has only two HDMI 2.0 inputs and a conventional USB 3.0. My experience, of course, was not at all positive, because I have an older notebook without HDMI; and to connect to the monitor, I had to resort to a DisplayPort-HDMI adapter. In my view, the ideal would be to have at least one more USB port and a DisplayPort.

But, one cool thing I liked was the hook on the back of the equipment that lets you pass and hide the cables. I’m not going to say it’s a well-crafted system as on some TVs, however I managed to efficiently “hide” some wires.

Tampering with a remote-controlled monitor was an unusual experience due to lack of custom. The accessory shipped by Samsung has the same control layout as the AU8000, Neo QLED QN90A and other TVs. It already comes with the Buttons of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, while the Shortcut globoplay gave way to the browser button, which is quite interesting, since you can access web pages without a computer or notebook connected. It’s just a shame to know that it works by batteries and not by solar recharge.

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