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Ps5: this hugely popular exclusive will have a sequel, announcement would be imminent

by Janes

All the same, it is relatively still early in the life cycle of the PS5 and but a mixed overall evaluation has been given thus far. Due to COVID-19 and software supply constraints, the newest home console from Sony didn’t prove as persuasive to the Japanese publisher as wanted. In fact we may even have a bitter taste left in our mouth, of or about the white tower so acclaimed by Sony.

But, when it comes to games, the real expected hits have only been – up to now – more low-profile, as it was with the Sony’s titles. It has only a couple of years before its existence, and we would like to ose to see more mammoth games coming by then. We do know that Death Stranding 2 and the Silent Hill 2 remake are expected to release within the next year, well… ideally.


But there’s another exclusive that could soon make players happy: Nina. Astro Bot Before continuing, it is worth stating that Astro’s Playroom has become part of the PS5 Gaming System. Standing somewhere in between a weak and an unremarkable 3D platformer, this game was much more intriguing than one might initially expect. The title of Team Asobi could be seen as a way of giving players a basic explanation or guide on how to properly use the controller for PS5, including haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. For such a play can be considered a fun path through the history of the PlayStation and the iconic games associated with it.

Therefore, when hearing about the license that has been quite popular and getting the attention once more, we cannot but pay attention. The information is attributed to a certain Bilbill-kun, who has become known as an insider. To be more precise, he said that the little robot will make a comeback in the ultimate edition of the title. Now, at least this is what has been said and discussed in an article available in Dealabs. “By our information, Team Asobi studio is currently working on a new game in the Astro universe.” “Hence, we obtained much information, but the most important seems to be dedicated to the date of the game’s announcement, which should happen, in our estimations, within the next fifteen days.”

Bilbill-kun takes it even further by revealing that the specific character that will be introduced is a fennec-shaped robot, and that the title will feature a section dedicated to a desert in its entirety. Once again, one must look at these types of entries more broadly, Generic name drugs are drugs that have the same active ingredients and are manufactured by different companies. This reveal would line up well with a potential PlayStation Showcase or the next State, and I expect Sony to announce it by the end of May.

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