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Mahmood debuts as an actor in Ozpetek’s TV series “Le Fate Ignoranti”?

by Julia

Ferzan Özpetek posted a photo with Mahmood on Instagram.

That it is the turning point for the singer who could debut as an actor in the TV series taken from the film” Le Fate Ignoranti” directed by the director? “Si is born without experience, you die without habituation”, Ozpeteck wrote in describing the photo with Mahmood. That it’s the beginning of a new adventure for the “Money” singer?

Mahmood returns with a new album: “InuYasha”

Nothing happens twice, nor will it happen. For this reason you are born without experience, you die without habituation. Even the most obtuse pupils of the school on the planet to repeat are not given the seasons of the past – writes the director – There is no day that returns, not two equal nights, neither two similar kisses, nor two looks as they are. Yesterday, when your name was pronounced, It seemed to me that a rose bloomed on the pavement. Today, as we stand together, I have turned my eyes elsewhere. A rose? But what is it? Maybe stone, or maybe flower? Why do you, evil now, give fear and uncertainty? So you’re there, so you have to get through. You will pass and here lies beauty. We will seek harmony, smiling, in our arms, even if we are as different as two drops of water”.

Mahmood, first live on “InuYasha” at “Che Tempo Che Fa” (VIDEO)

On the series, made exclusively by disney plus’s Star channel,the mystery still surrounds. Neither the cast actors are known, nor is it known how the new format will fit the plot of the 2001 feature film. Looking forward to more details, director Ferzan Özpetek shared a snap with his audience with Mahmood, which he met at his home in Navona Square. Accompanying the photograph, the poem Nulla twice by the poet Wislawa Szimborska, together with a hashtag that opens up new questions: #benvenuto.

Tommaso Zorzi tried to seduce Mahmood: “I invited him to have coffee” (VIDEO)


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