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Iconize posts a photo where she kisses Tommaso Zorzi but removes her immediately: here’s why

by Milena

Iconize,a 32-year-old influencer, in recent months has been overwhelmed by the storm after telling of having suffered a homophobic aggression, aggression then denied that he overwhelmed Tommaso Zorzi’s ex-boyfriend after the statements of the former friend of the heart, Soleil Sorge,who had unmasked him pointing out that in reality the influencer had hit himself with a frozen.

He faked homophobia aggression, Iconize censored everywhere: from discovery videos with Elettra Lamborghini to Mediaset (VIDEO)

After days of confirmation and denial, Marco (Iconize) decided to take a break from social media, only to return after about a month apologizing and trying to take back his digital path.

Iconize slaughtered on TV by friend Soleil: “Excuses are false, keep lying”

Just now Iconize decided to publish a shot that was immediately taken and shared on social media by the users who follow it: in the image was immortalized a kiss with Tommaso Zorzi. The caption? “Valentine’s Day.” then removing the post. Why did Iconize publish this post with this writing? Maybe because he’s still in love with Zorzi or because he doesn’t believe in love anymore?

Iconize would also invent another aggression, the one against her trans friend: THE STORY

Thomas is currently in the house of Big Brother VIP,and it is no mystery that in the past there has been a tender one between the two. Their relationship, however, would not have had a happy ending, so much so that Tommaso Zorzi, in the house, would not hide the bitter ly that he currently feels for the ex.

Simone Di Matteo attacks Iconize: “Coward, violence is a serious thing”

The photo uploaded earlier by Iconize was removed after a few minutes.

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