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Homophobia in Rome, two boys kiss and are kicked and punched: “Shame on you” (V…

by Vitor

The umpteenth report of a gay couple who have suffered homophobic aggressionarrives from Rome. The two boys were kicked and punched at Valle Aurelia station after being seen exchanging a kiss while they waited for the train.

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The events took place on 26 February, but have only now been disclosed by the Gaynet portal in order to facilitate the investigation. One of the assailants is in fact a member of the association.


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As Explained by Gaynet in the post where the video of the attack is shown, it all started with a person on the other side of the station who had noticed the two boys exchanging a kiss waiting for the train. After crossing the railway tracks and arriving on their platform he then began to exclaim “Aren’t you ashamed?” and then attacked them by kicking and punching them, fortunately without serious physical consequences for the two boys attacked.

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The police struggled to understand the homophobic motive and an integration of the complaint was needed to put in black and white the request to recover the videos of the security cameras, which would prove the dynamics of the facts. Currently we do not yet know if the images will be recovered, as they are destroyed every 7 days and these steps have resulted in a considerable waste of time. We now await the prosecutor’s ruling on what happened, hopingthat everything possible will be done to identify the attacker and to classify this crime in the best possible way according to the current legal instruments. you read in the post.

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