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Google releases Gemini chatbot on Android

by Janes

Google announced during the Mobile World Congress 2024 fair the launch of the Gemini chatbot for its Messages app. Within this app, Google’s generative AI works identically to its web version and its dedicated app. The Gemini chatbot, which will be made available to some countries in the coming days, will only have English and French languages (this language only in Canada).

The launch of the Gemini chatbot in Google Messages is still in beta. If you have access to the feature, don’t be alarmed by possible bugs. How is Gemini different from using in-app Messages? Well, from what has been presented by Google, the difference is that you don’t have to change apps.

Despite an interesting novelty, the feature should not be very successful in the world — that, of course, if Google launches it here. As WhatsApp is the main communication app for people, it is unlikely that someone will open Google Messages if it is not to delete SMS from advertisements or scam attempts. Here the recipe is obvious, Gemini could become popular in the world if Google created an AI chatbot for WhatsApp.

As Google showed on its website, when opening Messages, the user will see the warning that Gemini may respond to inaccurate information and that it is necessary to check the responses.

Through the chatbot, the user will be able to search for recipes, other subjects of interest, ask for help with texts (or jokes as shown in the example in the image) or just play small talk with the AI.

Looking at Google’s example and the “proposal” to avoid switching apps, it’s clear that Gemini’s chat in Messages will be useful for correcting texts in the app’s conversations. Again, as WhatsApp reigns supreme in America, here the advantage is for the new Galaxy S24 and Galaxy AI. Samsung’s AI can be activated by selecting text in the app, without having to open the ChatGPT or Gemini app.

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