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Covid, Manila Gorio grave in hospital: “I saw death one step away from me”

by Julia

The well-known Apulian host, Manila Goria, via social media has made it known that she tested positive for Covid 19 and even ended up in intensive care in serious condition. In fact, Manila was admitted to the infectious diseases department of the Vittorio Emanuele II hospital in Bisceglie and for several days had serious problems due to coronavirus.

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Here’s what she wrote in a lengthy instagram post:

“Thanks to all the angels who for over a year exhausted in all hospitals are still facing this cursed pandemic, thanks in particular to the head of the infectious diseases department Vittorio Emanuele II of Bisceglie Prof Sergio Carbonara and all his team of nurses and oss who saved my life from the cursed COVID. It was a hard test for me because the disease struck me violently but thanks to all their support I can feel lucky to have made it and to be able to tell all of you.. I thought I couldn’t do it, I saw death in front of me, but I escaped from that ICU. I am very young, without any pathology ever suffered yet COVID in its most contagious and aggressive English variant has really put me to the test. I don’t know who’s to blame for this, but believe me, I’ve been through the biggest nightmare I could have imagined. Thanks to my family my lovely 6 sisters and I my big brother, my 22 grandchildren who never left me alone despite not being able to see me, thanks to many friends who showed me great affection and thanks to all of you who are close to me these days. Now my recovery phase begins and soon I will come back stronger than before..”

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