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Bluetooth Phone Edifier X5: open sound and few advances

by Janes

After shaking up the entry headphone market with the X3, Edifier launched the Edifier X5 in 2021. The affordable wearable arrived in the country with a suggested price of R$ 249. It has touch-sensitive control, Bluetooth 5.0, is resistant to water and dust, and promises to be a good option for those who practice physical exercises, as it is designed not to fall even with sudden movements.

The Edifier X5 was provided by Edifier on loan and will be returned to the company after testing. For more information, visit tecnoblog.net/etica.

The Edifier X5 has a curious look, because the outside appears to be compact and minimalist, while the inner area, which goes in the ear, is very chubby. This design, moreover, contrasts very much with the previous, Edifier X3, model that is extremely small and without the legs for the microphones. Even simple and all plastic-coated, the X5 has a generous finish and the white version we received for this test helps make the construction even more beautiful.

Edifier presents the X5 as an option for those who exercise. Each handset weighs 4.8 grams and the company says in its communication that the gadgets stand firm in the ear canal without falling during activities. In addition, IPX5 certification has given way to IP55, in other words, this means that they are resistant to water and dust. In my training, the middle tip, which is already pre-installed, became unstable and even fell out of my ear in a few moments; the small one was more efficient.

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