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Apple Vision Pro Expected to Take Four Generations to Replace iPad

by Janes

The Apple Vision Pro is expected to take another four generations to be the product Apple dreams of. That’s what members of the company’s VR headset team believe, said journalist Mark Gurman, an expert on big tech issues. In addition to design issues, the Vision Pro suffers from bugs in visionOS, its operating system.

Among the negative points of the product’s design, highlighted by users and some youtubers who recorded reviews, is the weight and the small amount of battery (which is external) of the product. The combination of weight and external battery makes using the Vision Pro for a long time a hassle. The device’s center of gravity sits too far forward, which forces the head down and causes the user to compensate by lifting it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the headset’s specs are bad, on the contrary: the Vision Pro is equipped with great hardware. But whether it’s for work, for play, or to try to go viral on TikTok by making exaggerated movements with the Vision Pro on the street, a VR headset needs to bring comfort in usability.

According to Mark Gurman, some members of the Apple Vision Pro team expect the product to take four generations (not necessarily four years) to be what they really want — and perhaps to replace the iPad. According to the journalist, the use of the Vision Pro fits more in the moments when you want to use a tablet. For example: being on the plane or on the couch at home.

This time of evolution, four generations, is not that long. Even though VR headsets have been around for quite a while, the Vision Pro is Apple’s first product in the segment. The Apple Watch and iPad, for example, took a few generations to win over the public. It took Samsung, Apple’s rival, three generations to perfect the Galaxy Z Fold.

Another complaint from Apple Vision Pro users is that the operating system, its software part, has more bugs than they expected for a first-generation product and with a price starting at 200$. To complicate matters, there aren’t as many dedicated apps for VR on the App Store. Most are iPhone and iPad apps.

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