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Apple delay, but puts battery percentage in these 4 iPhone models

by Janes

The return of battery percentage to iPhone X and newer editions is one of the main “novelties” of iOS 16. Still, some models, such as the iPhone XR and 11, were left out and did not receive the new indicator. Fortunately, Apple intends to release the change to other notch phones in iOS 16.1.

The traces of the novelty gave the faces in the first beta of the update, released on Wednesday (14). If nothing changes until the final version, owners of iPhone XR, 11, and Mini models will have access to the option to enable the percentage on the battery icon. Previously, the feature was limited to alternatives with OLED or large screen:

“The iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini do not display the battery percentage in the status bar,” says an Apple support page.

The absence of the feature in models with LCD screen or 5.4 inches gave the talk among users. After all, even if these phones have a lower pixel density, it wouldn’t exactly be an impediment to applying the indicator. Check out the differences between older generations:

Apple, however, has not yet reported the reason for the absence of the feature in the editions with smaller screen or LCD in iOS 16.0. There is also no iOS 16.1 release forecast for all users.

The return of the battery numeral indicator is one of the most missing features in models with notch. Taking my case as an example, I enable the percentage in the status bar since the iPhone 3GS. Of course, it was a simple feature, but it helped with the old battery that barely lasted half a day.

Today, the situation is much better. But the percentage is still lacking, because before iOS 16, it was necessary to open the control center to access the data in options with notch. In other words: instead of just looking at a single place, users need to lay their finger on the top right corner of the screen and drag it down to gain access to information.

Apple, thankback, is taking the feature to generations with notch on the display. However, there are still mishaps, as the icon does not change as the battery is consumed. The indicator only changes color when it is enabled (yellow) or when the charge is almost over (red).

I confess that this limitation is a nuisance that almost made me disable the percentage in the status bar. After all, back and forth I think the battery is complete, because the bar is almost always full – less when it is below 20%. Only the number changes as the component unloads throughout the day.

The exception is for models without notch. Both iPhone 8 and iPhone SE, as well as previous generations, never stopped displaying the percentage in the status bar. In addition, the indicator changes depending on consumption, and is not always complete as in editions with notch after upgrading to iOS 16.

But what about you, have an iPhone X or newer and activated the battery percentage? What’d you think? Share your opinions there in the Tecnoblog Community.

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