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“Toy Boy 2”, in the cast of the Netflix series two Italians: Michele Morrone and Federica Sabatin…

by Gustavo

The second season of Toy Boy will also have two Italian actors in the cast.

The ATRESMEDIA TV series has become a success thanks to Netflix, after conquering the Italian public that brought it to the top of the Top Ten in the period of its release, in view of the next season look to Netflix’s Italy to enrich its catalog. In the cast of Toy Boy 2 come two Italian faces of Netflix products, the charming Michele Morrone of 365 days on the Polish 50 Shades and Federica Sabatini in Suburra.

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In the second season Hugo Beltran managed to prove his innocence but this does not secure him from possible revenge. A bomb devastates the Inferno club by breaking the Dreams of the Toy Boys and leaving Traiana dying. Hugo decides to take revenge but despite the open wounds between Rojas and Medinas they do not seem to be the culprits. All tracks bring to One Per Cent a new luxury striptease club in Marbella, so the Toy Boys start performing there to try to find out the truth.

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And here Michele Morrone and Federica Sabatini come into play who will be El Turco and Rania Italian brothers who run the place and who hide different secrets, after all it is impossible to manage an empire in the Costa del Sol without getting their hands dirty with blood.

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Jesús Mosquera, Carlo Constanzia Jr, Jose de la Torre, Carlos Scholz, Cristina Castaño and María Pedraza return in the new episodes. Filming is underway in Spain and the series will arrive in 2022 on Netflix.

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